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Monday, October 15, 2012

HWC Day 33 - MidEast Wrap-Up & FCP Wiki Instructions

Objectives: Discuss changes and continuities in Middle Eastern societies.  Navigate the FCP12-2 wiki to facilitate collaborative research.

Task: We'll begin class with an introduction to the FCP12-2 wiki (see directions below). Then we'll spend the remainder of class in a discussion circle to wrap up the unit on Southwest Asia, North Africa, and Central Asia.

How to Edit the FCP12-2 Wiki:
IMPORTANT:  ANY edit must be "Saved with Comment."  Further, EVERY edit to the wiki MUST be accompanied by a post & explanation on the discussion threads.  Be sure to make use of the expert advisor and to pay attention to the work of your group members.

1.  Go to FCP12-2 project wiki and sign in.  Read through the "Welcome" on the homepage.

2.  Identify your placement on Team Grid A "Student Teams"

3.  Click on your group topic.  Read the "Overview" of your topic.

4.  Then, once you're on your topic page click on "Team A."   Scroll down to the bottom of your topic page and add your name to the author list.  Link your name to your personal FCP Ning page.

5.  Go to your sub-topic (A-F) and read the topic assignment (in italics).  When you are ready to contribute to the wiki, you will click on "edit" for your subtopic and post your research BELOW the italics in your subtopic.  For EVERY post that is made, you MUST "Save with Comment" and BRIEFLY explain (1 sentence) the change you made to the wiki.  Then, you MUST go to the discussion thread for TOPIC WIKI for your topic and explain what you've done, why you've done it, and what questions you have.  If you are still confused, the following video on wiki editing procedures may be useful:
Wiki editing step 5A
Wiki editing step 5B
Wiki editing step 5C
Wiki editing step 5D
6.  Be sure to cite all information that you post to the wiki.  Follow the citation instructions of the Project Help wiki.  I will be checking the wiki history and your work on the wiki will be evaluated according to the provided rubric.

  • TODAY - "From Tunis to Tehran" reading due
  • TODAY - Thank you letter (extra credit) due
  • Tuesday, October 16 - Unit 3 Test (check e-mail test details and Moodle for study hints)
  • Wednesday, October 17 - PSAT (room assignments posted in pond lobby)
  • Tuesday, October 30 - Mid-Term Exam

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